Color Manifest:
Maracatu Groups Manifest Against Homophobia

Maracatu is in mourning. We have lost our Co(lo)r, they took Adriano from us. Our Baiana Rica, our batuqueiro, our dancer, our friend, our son, our brother, who now has gone. As it appears, he was victim of the hate. He was murdered due to homophobia. A plague that grows and spreads and feeds on fear, grudge and ignorance.

But we will answer to it as Adriano would: with LOVE AND UNION. We have decided to unite and write this manifest against homophobia, against religious intolerance, against racism, against youth genocide, against machismo, and against all and every oppression that might steal our freedom, our smile and our piece.

After a careful look at all crimes committed against suburb population, women, gays, lesbians, travesties, transsexuals and transgenders, Indians, and black people, and adepts of Afro-Brazilian religions, we have decided it is time to unite so we can be stronger. If we do not feel politically represented by the Congress, councils and assemblies, we must by ourselves represent our own interests.

We want to put an end to the hate against minorities, we want our freedom of expression to be respected with no faith, nor sexual and affective orientation discrimation. We do not want danger lurking us at every corner only because we are different. We want to be happy!

Adriano Cor, your lightness, beauty, smile and light and all the love you gave will be our encouragement against the savagery we have been experiencing, against the hate that has taken you from us.

Tambores de Olokun have lost the physical presence of their Baiana Rica - a character usually represented by men, traditional in rural maracatu and baque virado, but they have gained more ancestry for baque soul.

Our pain now becomes our fight. Our Co(lor) becomes a rainbow. Our outrage will mobilize us. And we will go wherever we need so that other Adrianos, Kailanes, Cleydisons, Cláudias, Amarildos, and Elizângelas can have the right to freedom. We want to show how pretty all diversity COloRs can be.

Adriano Cor, present!

Rio de Janeiro, July 9, 2015

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